Founded in 2020 in Denmark.
UNMARKET is a vintage, secondhand and streetwear clothing store.

We wanna be your favorite one-stop-shop for all vintage apparel, secondhand, streetwear, footwear, accessories and random stuff.

UNMARKET (Formerly known as Undefined Market) was founded in august 2020 by Jonas Elbæk. UNMARKET started because of a passion for sneakers and streetwear-clothing. At the time it was hard to find a place to buy limited/rare sneakers and streetwear-clothing in Denmark and Europe for that matter, so we've decided to start UNMARKET with the goal of creating a one-stop-shop for all apparel, sneakers and other random stuff relating to the culture. Our focus have and will always be to make it as easy as possible for you, the customer, to shop rare sneakers and clothing. At the start we mostly had our focus on sneakers and everything related to sneakers, but a slight shift happened in 2023. In 2023 and forward we try to incorporate our passion for streetwear-clothing, vintage and upcycled garments much more. Looking at the fashion titans we never see any relation to doing thing sustainable or in a eco-friendly way. That's why we focus on being as sustainable as possible when creating clothing. "Only 1% of all clothing gets upcycled every year" We aim to get that number higher with our upcycled collections. Approx. 90 tons of textile ends up in land fields every year, so we try the best we can to recycle, upcycle and focus on vintage clothing to give them a new life instead of ending in a land fields.


  • One-stop-shop

    The place for all vintage clothing, secondhand apparel, footwear, accessories and random stuff.

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    We ship worldwide, so even though you are located across the globe, dont worry, we got you.

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    Any questions, feel free to contact us about everything and anything.

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